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Frequently Asked Questions

 01  Why “As & When”?

As & When exists to build positive collaborative relationships with our clients. We love to help people! We bring many years of international, professional experience to the table and we understand what it means to run your own business.


We are passionate about adding value to every client and business we serve. There is no assignment to great or small, and the satisfaction of our clients with our services is paramount. We believe business should be fun and meaningful, and that we should be socially responsible (a portion of our revenues from every assignment goes to Food Banks Canada).




 02  How Do We Obtain Your Services?

As & When provides programs to condition your business for healthy growth remotely or on-site, the choice is yours. Our investment model is “pay-as-you-go (weekly), but with the option to initiate and stop (if necessary) assignments with no notice, depending on your business requirements and priorities.


The Scheduled On-Demand model is therefore a cost-effective way to obtain knowledge and expertise in the above functional areas without the need to hire permanently.





 03  What Do You Mean By On-Demand?

The On-Demand Economy is effectively split into two main streams; Instant On-Demand services and Scheduled On-Demand Services, the former being a service provided immediately upon request, the latter being a service provided on a scheduled bases, booked ahead of time.


As & When business model is the Scheduled On-Demand Economy. Our clients schedule time with us “as and when” they need us. There is complete flexibility, no contracts, our clients use our services for as long or short a time period that they require us (minimum one [1] hour). 




 04  Who Is Your Ideal Client?

Primarily we seek to serve privately-owned businesses locally and globally, however we will undertake any project or assignment where we can add value and build mutually beneficial business relationships. We are based in Ontario, and offer our services globally. 


Running a business is a demanding job. We work with clients who are not only very busy and challenged, but don’t know what they don’t know, and occasionally they are just plain overwhelmed! That’s where we can help. We will listen attentively to your needs. If we can address them we will, if we can’t we will tell you. It’s a simple, straightforward approach that offers our clients little risk and complete flexibility. Give us a call, and discover what one of our global advisory implementation services can do for you!

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